Sajan Patel

Sajan Patel

Computer Engineer

Personal Profile

I am a curious and collaborative software engineer. I have experience in business, technical knowledge and mechanical ability. Growing up in the family business I learned the importance of customer service and working with people. Repairing and replacing parts in cars developed my problem solving skills as well as my analytical and mechanical ability. I learned to be adaptable and persistent through my experiences in camping, hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding and traveling. Through playing competitive tennis, both singles and doubles, I learned to compete with integrity, the value of teamwork, and the importance of communications. As a quick learner and thinker who enjoys solving problems, I look forward to new challenges.

Work Experience

Web Application Developer at EAM Software

October 2016 - June 2017

Developed web applications as a Full Stack Developer for an enterprise applications provider in the public sector. Developed 3 dashboards for grant applications using Bootstrap, jQuery, and Javascript with a team of 2 people

Software Test Engineer at Pipeline Software

October 2016 - July 2017

Optimize systems and solutions for an EAM solutions provider. Design, develop, and debug automation test scripts using Selenium, C#, Java and Maven for software products

Software Engineering Intership at Intertek

July 2014 - October 2014

Modernized customer application GUI using OSI PI Processbook. Wrote 2 scripts for real-time data collection and power analysis. Data Analytics on power production between power plants and wind energy farms

Related Work

Smart Stock Screener, CMPE 295: Master's Project

August 2019 - May 2020

Design, develop, train, validate and test complex stock screener web application with AI prediction and sentiment analysis

LSTM model on time series data with a positive or negative prediction accuracy of 83%

IoT Indoor Plant Monitoring, CMPE 297-01: Internet of Things

January 2020 - May 2020

Small IoT system using AWS and Flask web app to monitor indoor plant statistics for optimal growth and care

Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Arduino, soil moisture, water level, humidity and temperature sensors and water pump

R.O.S. Lanelet Simulation, CMPE 297-01: Autonomous Driving

August 2019 - December 2019

ROS simulation to autonomously drive vehicle with optimized Lanelet model

Track street lanes and drive best route between two destination points with simulated cars and zero accidents along route

Pothole Detection, CMPE 257: Machine Learning

January 2019 - May 2019

Gathered, labeled and created 5,000 image dataset to train, test and validate machine learning convolution neural network model to detect and rate severity of pothole with 87.67% accuracy

IoT Bus Monitoring, CMPE 275: Enterprise Application Development

January 2019 - May 2019

Built a small-scale simulated IoT system to track buses in real time using Lightweight Machine to Machine(LWM2M) specification

Using Java, Spring Boot for REST API and MongoDB to store client and server data

Project Fluffy, CMPE 273: Enterprise Distributed Systems

January 2019 - May 2019

Developed server side infrastructure(API/toolkit) to store social data on the cloud and solve challenges like secure sharing, load balancing, surviving network failures, data replication and corruption of data

Tools include Java, Python, Raft Protocols, gRPC, MongoDB and Nginx

Recipe AI App, CMPE 272: Enterprise Software Platforms

August 2018 - December 2018

Built iOS application to point phone camera to recognize food ingredients and return possible recipes

Trained vegetable dataset to classify ingredients using Tensorflow and hosted the model on Firebase for application to use

Testing Envision AI App, CMPE 287: Quality Assurance and Testing

August 2018 - December 2018

Developed test design and written test report for an artificial intelligence and optical character recognition iOS application which identifies contents of image to user

Black box testing using decision tables and scenarios for conventional and AI testing to cover majority of contexts and inputs

RoboSumo Competition

September 2016

Assembled and programed a robot to push other robots out of an arena during competition. Placed 8 out of 24.

Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Project

January 2016 - June 2016

Designed, built, and tested module to collect data a skateboard and transmit over Bluetooth to an iPhone, using IMU and microcontroller. Developed iOS application with trick detection algorithm to accurately display skateboarding tricks

Auto Restoration

July 2014 - Present

Diagnosed and replaced water pump, starter, suspension, belts, pulleys, cooling fan, coolant tank and relays

Key Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Analyzing
  • Collaborating
  • Organizing
  • Working with hands

Programming Languages

  • AWS
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Flask
  • Github
  • gRPC
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • JUnit
  • MatLab
  • MongoDB
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Selenium
  • Swift
  • Tensorflow


San Jose State University, San Jose, CA - May 2020

Master of Science

Major: Software Engineering

University of California at Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA - June 2016

Bachelor of Science

Major: Computer Engineering with concentration in Computer Systems Minor: Computer Science